Telescopic gate system for automatic sliding gates:

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 The "tele-Mech" Dual sliding gate system is an
 ideal solution for restricted areas.
 Single sliding gates require the entire driveway
 width + 3 to 400mm for them to open fully  
 while a dual sliding, or telescopic gate, only 
 requires a little over half, giving you a wider 
 driveway opening.
 This standalone system can be mounted to 
 steel, aluminium or timber style gates.
 These gates also travel twice as fast as normal
 gates which is great for getting on and off
 busy roads
 * as seen on the ABC's New Inventers -
 2 standard sizes available - 2.4M and 3.2M in 304 stainless steel
 # 2.4 can create an opening of up to 4.1M, # 3.2 and opening of 5.8M
 tele-Mech unit incl. guide channel and left or right hand armature kit
 Full Automation kits available incl. Motor, rack, remotes and safety beam

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    cantilever system: trackless sliding gates

 Carriage and channel system for cantilever sliding
 gates - perfect solution for uneven, gravel or high
 traffic areas - 3 sizes available - 0 to 3M at 450Kg
 3 to 6M at 600Kg and 6 to 12M at 1200Kg



  Hydraulic gate brake for sliding gates :

  Positive stops : mechanical gate stops

This handy device is both a safety and an automation
 aid for sliding gates on steep inclines.
 Some sliding gate motors tend to travel faster down
 hill than they do going up, which is a problem when
 setting the electronic timing.
 This basically restricts the free movement in the down
 hill direction to match the force on the up hill
 As an important safety feature, the device will stop
 the gate from rolling uncontrollably when initiating 
 the manual release.

 Exclusive to "SEA" hydraulic gate operators,
 these eliminate the need for a centre stop in the
 middle of your driveway, a potential trip hazard
 for double swing gates.
 More accurate than limit switches, concealed
 inside shaft covers, you'll never know they're
 Fully adjustable for open and closed positions.

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